Remote Acting

Remote training via Zoom is now available to any actor that meets our membership requirements. It is important to note that online learning or attending virtual classes cannot replace in-person training, but it is a temporary solution to continue training when no other option is available. We strongly encourage all actors to attend in-person training as much as possible.

Tuesday Group Class 7-9 PM weekly

Any professional member can participate in our weekly group class via Zoom. During the class, the actors will be able to see and hear you on a large-screen TV and you will be able to see and hear them on your device. Please note that this is a performance-based class, which means that you’ll be required to perform a 2–3-minute monologue or a 3-5-minute scene with two actors at every session. As an actor, it’s your responsibility to find a scene partner that you can meet with and coordinate a place where you can both log in and perform in front of your device’s camera.  Actors may also choose to upload recorded performances for review and comment by both the coach and actors.  The review and evaluations will then be made available in our “Scheduling Center” on our website.

Private Acting Instruction

Professional Members can easily schedule private instruction sessions via Zoom by visiting our website at and accessing the “Scheduling Center”. This platform allows you to select your preferred date and time to meet with the coach via Zoom. Private instruction sessions are designed to assist you with improving your monologues, audition pieces, and overall performance by building on your strengths and addressing any weaknesses you may have.

Scene Study Instruction

Professional members can schedule an online scene performance with a partner. During the performance, you can record the scene, and then upload a YouTube link for the coach to evaluate. The recorded video will also be shown in our Tuesday class where both the coach and the class will provide feedback. Once the evaluation is complete, it will be stored in your online digital folder for future reference.

Requirements to join

  • Access to a stationary cell phone, webcam, or video camera with decent sound.
  • Be able to upload the video or link to the video each week.
  • You must be able to be seen, heard, and be far enough away from the camera that we see your entire body.
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Perform and transmit your performance at least once a week
  • login to talk to coach about your performance at least once a week or join Zoom group where the video will be shown and discussed.
  • Schedule your first Zoom visit with the coach to design your program