Movie Concept

Our films will be crafted to appeal to a broad audience, steering clear of religious, political, or ideologically driven themes that do not align with this objective. We are open to exploring various genres, but our focus will be on content-driven films characterized by compelling scripts and outstanding performances. We will not prioritize special effects, animatronics, or similar elements.

All films will be shot with professional equipment including 4k camera, wireless sound system and or boom mics, drone, professional lights, etc.

We schedule filming for one day a week, as many actors today have yet to realize the importance of dedicating time to their craft. Therefore, our shoots are confined to Sundays, from sunrise until 10 PM, totaling 9 hours. The exact start times depend on various constraints, such as the availability of locations and the need for natural light. Our goal is to cover 6-8 script pages per day. A broadcast film typically requires 7-9 days of shooting, while a feature film is expected to need 10-14 days. If necessary, and with group consensus, additional days may be allocated.

Actors should be cognizant that after principal photography is completed, ADR (automated dialogue replacement) or further reshoots may be necessary. The editing process can span 3-5 months, or even more, based on the shoot’s complexity.

We plan to simultaneously shoot one movie and develop another, enabling us to produce as many films as reasonably achievable.

Actors will divide 100% of the profits from every film they participate in, based on their time on set or through a share distribution agreed upon by the actors themselves. As with any film, the level of success determines the profits, which remains uncertain until the film’s release.