Membership Types

ActingSOS has three free membership types:

  • Professional
  • Performance Lab
  • Auditor

Professional Member

The professional membership is for actors who plan to support themselves entirely with acting jobs. Fame and fortune may follow depending on an actor’s drive and effort but can never be the responsibility of anyone other than the actor.  To be a professional member at requires three things.

  1. The absolute love of acting and the desire to do it as a career.
  2. The time to pursue and perform both in class and in the real world.
  3. Keeping all your commitments to the profession and training.

To become a Professional Member of our program, you are required to train at least once a week in one or more of our three programs. The more you train, the quicker you will achieve success. You must be punctual and prepared to perform or rehearse. You must also be at least 18 years old and able to reach our program, auditions, and film sets. Additionally, you must be willing to assist on sets when you are not acting. This means that you will be part of the family.  You are entitled to free headshots, and demo reels as often as is necessary to promote your career.

Performance Lab Member

If you are unable to attend our program every week, you are welcome to attend as often as you can, if there is an available seat. Please register for each upcoming week’s classes no later than 7 PM on Sunday. You must participate in every class you attend unless the coach instructs you not to.  There are no guaranteed seats and casting is up to the individual directors. You are entitled to free headshots and demo reels once a year.


An auditor is someone who attends a class for the first time. They are not required to participate and can just observe and ask questions. If they wish to attend the class again, they need to inform the coach about the membership type they are interested in.