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  • Availability is a key factor in casting decisions. Actors with the most flexible schedules will naturally be considered for larger roles. Conversely, those whose availability does not align with the film’s schedule will be unable to participate in that particular project. I will be very strict in terms of showing up on time and not asking to leave early.
  • Some actors are given recurring roles, whereas others might be cast for just one episode. The decision often hinges on how successful the actor’s performance is in their role.
  • Actors are welcome to offer suggestions regarding the character they have been cast as, or a character they aspire to portray, until the production schedule is finalized. This will be true of the storyline as well. These suggestions should be submitted on Tuesday evenings or sent to help@actingsos.com.
  • Non-members may be selected to fill minor roles or specific character types that are not represented within the membership.
  • Our films are produced with the expectation of receiving a G, PG, PG-13, or R rating from the MPA. Actors should avoid participating in films that do not align with their professional or ethical standards. Those who impose too many restrictions on themselves might need to seek a program that better suits their requirements.
  • Casting is never final until the actor signs a contract with the group for the film. This contract will be made available to the cast and crew when the director feels it is ready to schedule or possibly before then.
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