Your professional headshot perfectly displays your branding.  It tells the casting decision maker not only what you look like, but what your specific attributes are that will work for the film.  “Professional” has a very specific meaning.  It is not a snapshot from your phone, or a photo taken by a friend.  It must meet all the following criteria:

  • High quality photos properly staged, focused, with lighting that works
  • Looks like you
  • Personality must be visible
  • 8″x10″
  • Portrait orientation in color
  • Neutral or blurred out background
  • Digital for internet submission
  • Printed for handheld submission
  • Name, contact phone, text, and email on front
  • Resume attached (stapled to back, not printed on it)
  • No bright white, red, or busy clothing
  • No words or significant company branding on wardrobe top
  • Attractive but diminished jewelry such as earrings

Requirements to schedule a headshot

  • You must be in either the Tuesday feature film or the Thursday acting program
  • At least 18 years old
  • Serious about acting
  • Able and willing to keep your commitments
  • Complete profile by pushing button below

If you have not completed your profile, please click the link below. Once you complete your profile, we will send you a link with more details about your shoot and a link to schedule.