Ensemble Film Group

You must have Sundays available to join this group.

How to join the group

To join the Ensemble Film Group, one must audition or be referred by our coach; no actors are required to train with the ActingSOS group. The group consists of eight actors, four men and four women, who collaborate to produce professional films continuously. The cast members also serve as the crew to minimize scheduling conflicts and increase profits to all actors, with each actor trained to perform various crew roles.

The group aims to produce a variety of professional films that actors can proudly showcase and professionally market to advance their careers. Each film, unless part of a series, will be produced under a distinct production company name. Actors within the group will participate in nearly every film, alternating roles between acting and crew work, but not on the same day. All films will be crafted to reasonably achieve a G, PG, PG-13, or R rating from the MPA. Required training to perform all crew tasks will be provided free of charge.

Our actors are required to be available for filming on Sundays for 9 hours, starting from sunrise until 10 PM, as dictated by the shooting schedule. This is a strict requirement; Sundays must remain open in your schedule. We will not commence shooting earlier than required for production needs. Actors with religious, political, or ideological differences from traditional movie-making elements are often not included in the group. Actors must ensure they can reach all filming locations, as public transportation or ridesharing services may not be suitable.

Profits from the film are distributed among the cast according to their time on set. Actors are not required to pay for anything. Instead, they contribute by sourcing locations, wardrobes, props, etc. As this is a collaborative project, participation and willingness to assist in various capacities are essential.

Actors are required to approach their craft with seriousness, punctuality, and readiness to perform according to the schedule or “Call Sheet.” Meetings will be organized to deliberate on future productions, allowing actors to contribute their preferences for film genres and character roles they wish to be crafted.

Actors will participate in devising marketing strategies for the films, and a distribution business plan will be established before principal photography concludes. While all films will be entered into professional festivals, this marks only the beginning of the marketing strategy.

Auditions for joining the group are exclusively through video submissions. After you fill out and submit the profile provided below, we will send you the materials to prepare for your audition, which you should upload to youtube.com. Following that, please send us an accessible link to your video. Each current member will then review and evaluate your submission before we decide whether to extend an invitation to join our group.

Fill out the profile below, and we will provide you with the audition materials and a link to submit your video.