Demo Reel

At, we offer complimentary headshots and demo reel production. Ideally, your demo reel is crafted from short films or feature films produced with us. However, if you’re applying to external projects and we believe you possess the necessary skills, we will film material exclusively for your demo reel. Keep in mind that casting professionals may request to view any film you claim to have participated in, so it’s always preferable to use authentic footage from actual films. If you already have professional footage we will also add it to your demo reel clips database so you can request specific clips for specific audition submissions.


Demo reels typically feature two actors but some clips can be a single actor, with the primary focus on one actor. They should be filmed in 4K and professionally edited. Planning and scriptwriting are essential, so scheduling a meeting with our director to discuss your requirements is necessary. Following this, the script will be crafted, and your filming session will be arranged. Whenever feasible, scripts are designed to benefit both actors and are produced to the highest professional standard. A demo reel consists of 4 clips about 1 minute each. The best clip would always be placed as the first clip in the reel as casting decision makers will not look at later clips if they do not like the first one. Below is an example of a good demo reel not shot by us but saves me time to use it.

YouTube player

  • Each clip will be approximately one minute long
  • Scripts will be rehearsed with the coach
  • Actors must provide their own wardrobe
  • Clip stored in database for actors to request various clips in different reels
  • Will be available in most formats for delivery
  • I can merge existing footage into your demo
  • Actor has exclusive ownership of his footage

Requirements to schedule a Demo Reel

  • At least 18 years old
  • Serious about acting
  • Able and willing to keep your commitments
  • One 90-minute meeting to plan your demo reel
  • Providing your own wardrobe
  • Complete profile by pushing button below
  • Must be in either the Tuesday feature film program or the Thursday acting program.

If you have not completed your profile, please click the link below. Once you complete your profile, we will send you a link with more details about your demo preparation, shoot, and a link to schedule.