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Auditions are now open for a new comedic series featuring individuals who have no idea that they are descendants of Greek Gods but are struggling to come to terms with their abilities. If you are interested, please complete your profile and the casting information will be made available to you. Auditions are required if you are not training with ActingSOS. Thank you.

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To be cast in this film, it is required that you train with ActingSOS as all the roles are exclusively created for members. The movie revolves around a scientist who has found a way to erase the human mind entirely and restart it. He plans to conduct experiments on death row inmates, and the outcome is terrifying.

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Now Casting

  • Goofy Gods – Broadcast series – Comedy
  • Regenerates – Broadcast series – Sci-Fi

Broadcast film series are designed to provide actors with footage for their professional portfolio enhancement. Each role is tailored to the individual actor, incorporating their feedback. Actors must contribute in all aspects of production. The films are captured using professional 4K cameras, high-quality sound equipment, lighting, and more. Shooting schedules are flexible, arranged according to the actors’ availability. The final film will be expertly edited, scored, titled, and shared with all participating actors. Distribution of the film is at the actors’ discretion.

  • Requirements to audition
  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Live in Las Vegas
  • Be serious about acting
  • Have the time to pursue an acting career
  • Be willing to help make the films, not just be in them
  • Casting is done from within the membership
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